Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trucker in the family?

My husband, Rodney, lost his job back around the first of July. He has looked and looked and looked to find a new job with no such luck. The economy is horrible for job seekers (at least it is in our town). He's been on unemployment and this week is the last of his unemployment checks that we will be receiving...not sure what will happen after this.....VERY nervous.

Through the unemployment office they have this program called "Work Force" (or something like that) where if you are unemployed or underemployed they will send you to school for free. They do all kinds of testing with you and see what type of job best suits you. So, my husband left yesterday morning for Truck Driving School. As he says it....he's going to become an "official Redneck"...no offense. He will be gone for 3 weeks and with some good luck he will hopefully get pre-hired before school is finished and start working a week after he gets out of the school.

Wish us luck...we NEED this.

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